MCRE President at Namoi Branch CWA Annual General Meeting

Manilla Community Renewable Energy Inc. President Emma Stilts was delighted to speak at the Namoi Branch Annual General Meeting in Gunnedah.

Emma’s presentation touched on the highlights of the Manilla Solar Project, from its inception in 2013 up to present. At this point, the project is preparing to start construction in 2020.

The Manilla Branch of the CWA and in particular former president Michelle Eggins, were vital supporters in the project. Indeed the Manilla Branch of CWA auspiced the first Community Energy Grant, from the NSW State Govt. that the Manilla Solar Project received in 2016.

The support provided by the CWA allow aspirational community projects like the Manilla Solar Project to foster and grow. As we finalise our solar project, Manilla Community Renewable Energy Inc. look forward to working together with CWA to share our learnings, and provide a blue print for communities solar projects to replicate.