MCRE President invited to speak at the launch of the Smart Future Research Centre.

Emma Stilts was invited to speak about the Manilla Solar Project, by our project partners Providence Asset Group – to show how the Manilla Solar Project can benefit regional NSW, as part of the Smart Future Research Centre.

The Smart Future Research Centre (SFRC)  is a new joint venture combining University research strengths with a leading investment and asset management firm. University of Technology Sydney and the Providence Asset Group (Providence) have signed an agreement to collaborate on joint research projects and initiatives.

As part of this collaboration, the Manilla Solar Project will benefit from being part of industry leading technology and research.

The vision is for a world-class research centre delivering innovation to transform the energy and resources sector, promote Australia as a global energy powerhouse, a sought-after destination for investment, and the leading source of knowledge and solutions to enable sustainable living, smarter cities and healthier communities.

Manilla Community Renewable Energy Inc. will develop the Manilla Solar Project with Providence to create be a model for future communities to follow – leading the way to clean, green energy supply; that benefits local communities by providing cheaper clean electricity to purchase, opportunities to investment in local energy infrastructure and returns a percentage of profits to the community.

The energy industry in Australia is currently undergoing a shift and transition to low-carbon energy, and the Manilla Solar Project aims to be blueprint for communities in north west NSW to follow.

New developments are unlocking potential right across the energy sector, creating opportunities for those who can adapt and scale fast. There are real options to substantially decarbonise and decentralise the energy supply.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime change in the energy supply model.

As an Australian innovation-led investment firm, Providence has a focus on investment and management of renewable conventional assets to optimise the supply chain value through innovation initiatives, said CEO Henry Sun,

“Providence brings expertise around smart technologies, including renewable energy for microgrids and groundbreaking hydrogen technology for green-power storage, and is positioned to play a key role in powering smart, sustainable communities across Australia.”

Supported by Providence-dedicated clean tech, the Centre will target investments in innovative and disruptive technology to drive sustainable advances in energy production, transportation, consumption and utilisation of power, water and food to improve our environmental and economic well-being, fostering healthier and safer communities for future generations.