Info Day – New direction for Solar Project


Manilla Community Renewable inc. has entered into a  partnership with  Energy Locals.

This allows our group to become an energy retailer and build a renewable energy company in Manilla that links both the customer and the investor.

The first step is to have electricity customers. When we have strong community support, we will work with Energy locals and Solar Manufacturers YingLi to create the community owned solar farm. Energy Locals will give 50% of the profits to Manilla Community Renewable Energy Inc. to support the solar farm project.

We are encouraging all members of the Manilla Community to attend our info day and to bring along their electricity bill to compare what they are currently paying with Energy Local’s rates

Energy Locals is sending their Community Partnerships Coordinator, Angela Johnstone to speak with us on the 15th. Angela spent a year completing year 8 in Manilla, so she is familiar with our town.

Energy Locals is working with a reputable Solar Panel Manufacturer – Yingli – the General Manager of Yingli – Mark Kibby will be attending the information day to meet the community and see how this project can work.

Both Angela and Mark are coming to Manilla to meet our community and answer any questions you may have, so please come along and be part of something great for our town.


Emma Stilts Manilla Community Renewable Energy Inc.
Angela Johnstone – Energy locals
Mark Kibby – Yingli

Place: Manilla Small Town Hall

Time: 12 noon Free BBQ, Tea and Coffee thanks for Manilla CWA.

Your opportunity to have your say about the Solar Farm project.
Lets come together and do something great for our community!

RSVP here 

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